Seashell & Leather Bracelets

Charm & Leather Bracelets

ROCKBANZ is homemade jewelry made of found and purchased rocks, seashells, and charms for those who want something unique and personal.

Cabochon Necklaces

Polished Cabochons and gem stones.

Sea Glass & Charm Necklaces

Guitar Pick Necklaces

Rock & Chain Necklaces

Rock & Leather Cord Necklaces

Earrings & Necklace Seashell Sets

Earrings & Necklace Seashell Sets

Seashell & Chain Necklaces

Sliced Agate Necklaces

Guitar Charm Necklaces

Golf Charms

Crucifix Necklaces


Each necklace and bracelet are meticulously handcrafted to show the primary and accent color of each stone, seashell, sea glass, or charm and in coordination with the selected matching color chain, leather cord, bail bead, pinch bail, cord end, leather strap, buckle, rivet, and twisted wire.

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